Ideas for
the changing world

With 20 years of experience in digital transformation we are helping our partners understand the changes and the opportunities they bring.

There are many stories that we cherish. Not only because they play an important part in our professional lives, but also because they allowed us to make them our own. They allowed us to do our bit in telling them and take joy in their success.

Wonderworld does exist at the Postojna Cave Park

A long-standing partner relationship is the foundation of excellent results. Postojna Cave, one of the world's best-known tourism brands, has been our partner for almost a decade. We are strategic and creative collaborators when it comes to the key turning points that are of great importance for the success and further development of the Postojna Cave Park.

Mockup PJ
13 Slovenska montaza V1
01 Logo verzija 1
04 Mockup PJ jaslice poster

GOV.SI portal overhaul and optimisation

On July 1 the new Government of Slovenia web portal GOV.SI was launched. This marked the end of one of the key stages of the (ongoing) complete overhaul and optimisation of Slovene government websites. In what was one of the most complex and extensive projects in Innovatif's history, we worked with government teams and other companies to bring over 100 websites under one umbrella. We gave the new GOV.SI a more manageable content structure and a thoroughly improved user experience, and provided all the necessary technical solutions. We also trained roughly 500 editors to use the Silverstripe content management system.

GOV mockup WEB


Our team has been in charge of the overall digital experience of NIVEA, NIVEA MEN and Labello users in Slovenia and Croatia for years. In close cooperation with the client, we create a wide range of contents, strategically positioning them in digital channels. User feedback has so far always surpassed expectations.

Apple mockup Labellino aktivacija3
labellino pos backpack nivea3
Apple mockup nivea razlicni kanali3
Mockup nivea 4 3

Friderik, the rat of the Ljubljana Castle

Friderik, a rat that used to live in the castle's dungeon, is the Ljubljana Castle's oldest inhabitant and a new signature feature of the castle souvenir shop. We have designed an comprehensive concept – the story behind Friderik and what he looks like, the souvenir shop's architectural elements, visual product identity and communication.

Friderik 1800x1060px 01
Friderik 1800x1060px 11
Friderik 1800x1060px 15
Friderik 1800x1060px 17
Friderik 1800x1060px 08
Friderik 1800x1060px 06
Friderik 1800x1060px 09
Friderik 1800x1060px 18

Going further with Ford Slovenia

We work with the Ford Slovenia team on systemising the communication of the Ford brand, providing them with strategic marketing support. Our work encompasses a comprehensive range of communication activities, tactical sales campaigns, online media buying and social media management.

Ford 2
Mockup Ford Focus SAL BB3
Ford 1
Ford 3
Mockup Ford Focus SAL Oglas A6
Ford 5
Mockup Ford Focus SAL DM Spread3
Ford 4
Mockup Ford Focus SAL Totem3

Kočevsko – the secret forest of Slovenia

We have been involved in the creation of the Kočevsko destination brand since its very beginnings. A strategic insight helped us create the brand identity of the "Kočevsko – the Secret Forest of Slovenia" brand and a communication platform. The visual identity and all communication elements make up a recognizable destination brand based on wild, yet friendly nature.

kocevsko font1
kocevsko volk
kocevsko Tshirt
Kocevsko screens1

Visit Ljubljana ... you really should

We can comfortably say that Ljubljana Tourism is one of our most loyal partners. We laid the foundation for this successful story already back in 2005. Today we are making sure that VisitLjubljana platform continues to grow, paving the road for many tourism marketing platforms in the region. And although the website has won multiple awards, the success is not entirely the result of our communication and technological skills. It has a lot to do with the city itself. But ... don't take our word for it, come and see for yourself.

visit ljubljana
visit ljubljana1


Closely working with their team, we are taking care of the digital communication of Mercator, the largest retailer in Slovenia. Not exactly for the whole 70 years they have been around but for about last ten. The overall user experience is based on a market segmentation approach, technological innovations, relevance for the consumers and topical subjects when it comes to content creation.

Mercator kampanja mlecni
Mercator responsive
Mercator Zeleni IG
Mercator mailing Ipad

A perfect fit – Titus Group

For many years, we have been a strategic partner for a wider field of communications of the Titus Group, the world's largest cabinet hardware manufacturer. Our primary focus is on setting up a B2B digital communication platform for a number of international markets.

Mockup titus 01
Mockup titus porocilo cover 2
Mockup titus porocilo spread

Adria Airways

The digital platform, developed a few years ago for the Adria Airways airline, has been very efficient, as it was planned on the basis of a thorough analysis of the industry's development and trends. An advanced website acts as a starting point that allows reaching the e-commerce goals.

adria web 2
07 BB novo
Adria On-air web and print

Para-pa-pa-pam McDonald's

Since 2006, we have been in charge of developing the McDonald's Slovenia website, ensuring its consistency with the brand's global strategy. We have also developed a successful mobile app, McDonald's Slovenia, which has been downloaded more than 150,000 times.

Mcdonalds app
Mockup mcdonalds app 2
Mockup mcdonalds app
Apple mockup landing

Our Team

There are more than forty of us, each of us with the knowledge, skills and experiences that are just as unique as our personalities. We know what we are doing and where we are headed. We are looking for answers to what tomorrow will bring while enjoying it today.

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We build all our websites using SilverStripe, an open source platform, which allows us to develop complex websites, intranets and other web applications. Content editing is simple and intuitive, which makes our clients' work much easier. For a number of years, Innovatif's developers have been contributing significantly to the community of SilverStripe developers, thanks to whom this advanced tool is used by numerous companies and non-governmental organisations worldwide.