Ljubljana – candidate country for the 2025 European Capital of Culture

EPK posnetek spletnega mesta

The website has been designed as a communication channel in support of Ljubljana as a candidate country for the 2025 European Capital of Culture. The epk.ljubljana.si website is a space where the project’s dynamic visual identity comes to life. The visual identity represents the rich culture and a wealth of cultural things that the city of Ljubljana and its creators have to offer. This is an ever-changing website with graphics that change with each new website visit, creating new forms and connecting with one another through different dialogues. The website is also a space through which the project team can communicate with the people of Ljubljana, motivating them to participate.

The website received the Websi Award for third place in a Public or Non-governmental Organization category.

Nagrada Websi logotip


Mesta občina Ljubljana


Graphic and web design



Public sector

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EPK detajl kreative
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