Innovation has been the guiding principle of our work for twenty years. We believe that the most effective solutions can help people and contribute to a better world.

Innovation by Innovatif

Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. We are always on the lookout for better, smarter and more efficient solutions. Not only for brands, but also for the people they cater to. Whether it's creating new brands, designing websites, searching for new communication channels or planning a strong digital presence – our goal is always the same. To make people notice your brand more quickly, to make them hear what you have to share more clearly and for them to accept your ideas with open arms. That's why we approach every business, brand and project with the same attitude and the same Innovatif process that never fails to deliver.

Better business. Better brands.

Business Brand Platforms

In close cooperation with our partners we bring together people, expertise, knowledge and our insights to achieve our goals. We create strategic platforms that integrate communication and technology solutions, allowing brands to successfully adapt to the ever-changing world.

We consider each brand comprehensively, so before the start of a project a thorough analysis of the current situation is conducted. From the collected data, insights are gained which help us build a solid framework for a well-thought-out and strategic appearance of the brand on the market.

  • Market, trend, and competition analysis
  • User journey analysis
  • Web presence analysis
  • Back-end systems analysis

A strong brand on the market creates a unique position and effectively achieves the set goals. Together with a client we can design a new brand, strengthen the foundations of the existing ones, or strategically direct their development. We strive for authenticity and relevance – and thus create brands which can stand the test of time and are able to adapt and develop with their users.

  • Brand architecture
  • Brand foundations
  • Brand identity
  • Brand identity guidelines

Every communication campaign is a story which creates and deepens the relationship with the brand and contributes to its added value. We design and implement stories and content which are consistent with brand identity and customer needs, as well as media and technologies which prevail on the market. Regardless of the size and nature of the communication challenge, our focus is always on the long-term strategic direction of the brand.

  • Communication strategy
  • Communication campaign
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia content

The digital world is a world of ceaselessly changing variables. We keep current with them to be able to create quality and technologically advanced online appearances of our client’s brands. Based on our in-depth custom analysis, we design and build websites which effectively present our client’s products while our online stores consistently turn visitors into loyal customers. We comprehensively manage our client’s digital presence with various tools which all contribute to a perfect user experience.

  • Website design and implementation
  • Design and implementation of an online store
  • Design and implementation of web applications
  • Integration of applications and back-end systems
  • Hosting and maintenance

Our support of a brand does not end with its launching on online platforms and channels. Actually, that is when the story of the brand's online presence fully begins. We strategically evaluate each digital activity, define the method of content management, improve the online presence, and optimize it according to the set goals. We offer all the necessary support for managing individual digital channels, or fully manage them ourselves.




  • E-commerce strategy
  • Online presence
  • Social network management strategy
  • Email notification strategy
  • Web content management (websites, social media, email notifications)
  • SEO site optimization
  • Measuring and monitoring of performance and set goals (KPI)

There are many different paths leading to a consumer. As your media buying agency, we ensure the media strategy is designed with the optimal selection of media and tactics which will deliver your message to the target group, encourage action, and achieve the best results for your financial investment.

  • Media buying strategy
  • Media planning
  • Measuring the effects of advertising
  • Media buying management and optimization

We never abandon our clients, not even after the project is completed. Because partnership is one of our core values, we always equip our clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to continue on the path of perfect digital presence.

  • Website editor training
  • Basics of Search Engine Performance (SEO & SEA)
  • Social media management
  • User path planning
  • Measuring online presence (Google Analytics)

We are Innovatif

We are a strong team of more than 40 experts. Our team is made up of art directors / information architects / communication strategists / brand strategists / front-end developers / back-end developers / creative directors / project managers / copywriters / producers / UX specialists / project directors / graphic designers / web designers / media strategists.

Our strategic team of advisors will help you recognise the potential and the opportunities for achieving your goals.

  • Jože Šulman DIREKTOR / PARTNER

    Jože Šulman

    CEO / partner


    Gorazd Oman

    Client director / partner


    Tomasz Pirc

    Information architect / partner


    Jasna Potrata

    Head of communication


    Ivan Prendžov

    Head of technology


    Patricia Cucin

    Head of media buying

  • 07 Bozidar J

    Božidar Jovanović

    Creative brand strategist

  • TeaGobec

    Tea Gobec

    Communication strategist

  • 02 Karin Spacapan

    Karin Špacapan

  • 01 Klemen Ostir

    Klemen Oštir

  • 06 Luka Salehar

    Luka Šalehar

  • 09 Tjasa Oblak

    Tjaša Oblak

  • Kim

    Kim Hrvatin

  • 07 Darjan Pezer

    Darjan Pezer

  • 03 Darja Hocevar Mlinaric

    Darja Hočevar Mlinarič

  • 10 Kristijan Andoljsek

    Kristijan Andoljšek

  • 11 Marko Kadic

    Marko Kadić

  • 26 v2

    Tea Škvarč

  • 08 Tine Dolzan

    Tine Dolžan

  • 14 Eva Hassl

    Eva Hassl Rigler

  • 15 Sanja Petrovic

    Sanja Petrović

  • 16 Lara Hebar

    Lara Hebar

  • 17 Sara Henigman

    Sara Henigman

  • 18 Peter Kisin

    Peter Kisin

  • 24 v2

    Aljoša Balažic

  • 29 v2

    Špela Anzeljc

  • 25 v2

    Klemen Dolinšek

  • 28 v2

    Nina Horvat

  • 22 v2

    Matej Učakar

  • Sinisa

    Siniša Šafarić

  • Petra

    Petra Trontelj Pečnik

  • Kaja

    Kaja Javeršek

  • Milica

    Milica Latinčić

  • 23 v2


Our partners

We begin each partnership by getting to know the client and the project inside out. This is the starting point for all our further journeys and ties, which are developed and strengthened from one project to another, throughout the years.


A job well done and satisfied clients are our greatest reward. But we are just as proud when we get a pat on the back by experts and we are happy to put the awards on display.

  • INN Awards Brumen 4

    1 x Commendation for Excellent Slovenian Design 2022

    1 x Award for Excellent Slovenian Design 2019

    2 x Commendation for Excellent Slovenian Design 2019

  • Nagrada Netko logotip

    Best project of the year 2023

    2 x Grand Award 2023

    2 x Grand Award 2022

    Agency of the Year 2021

    4 x Grand Award 2021

    Agency of the Year 2020

    1 x Grand Award 2020


  • Nagarada SOF logotip

    1 x Silver Award 2020

    1 x Golden Award 2020

  • Nagrada Websi logotip

    2 x Award 2023

    4 x finalist 2023

    1 x Award 2021

    2 x finalist 2021

    2 x finalist 2020

    3 x Award 2019

    1 x finalist 2019

  • DCA award 2

    1 x Silver Award 2022

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