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Neuhaus is one of those brands that have been raising the bar in the real estate, hotel and housing sectors in Slovenia to a new level. Its latest residential and hotel project called Neu Residences combines innovative architecture, interesting visitor content and an impressive interior for a new way of living in an outstanding location. For this project, Innovatif designed the brand's visual identity and a new website. To create a perfect user experience, the website was supplemented with an innovative booking platform for tourists and guests looking for a long-term residential apartment experience. All this makes NEU living a must-have experience.

The website received the Websi Award for first place in the Online shop category, and the Netko Award for third place in the Best online shop category.

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A visual identity vision for the icon of living

By creating the visual identities of the Neuhaus and Neu Residences brands, visual communication was harmonised with the brands' forward-looking philosophy and new way of thinking. It builds on the key benefits of combining different industries, comprehensive construction supervision, custom-tailored solutions and exclusive integrated services for homeowners, such as a reception, a café, a co-working area, a gym and a top-floor terrace with greenery and a pool. We have successfully transformed the client's one-of-a-kind business vision into a strong-positioned brand for the most discerning guests.

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Always something NEU online

The project is a reflection of the client's modern approaches to residential, hotel and corporate residential concepts, which was why the online experience the brand offers to discerning guests was another thing of great importance. This resulted in a clean-looking and modern website, which features various advanced elements, helping tourists, accidental visitors and homeowners alike with the services it offers. The website was further enhanced through an effective platform that allows users to book the experience of staying in individual hotel units or long-term rental in high-end apartments furnished with prestigious Italian furniture for an extraordinary experience of Ljubljana's urban life. With organized photoshooting with professional photographer Iztok Medja, the website was upgraded with sophisticated visual content that enhances the brand even further.

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