Good User Insight for an Outstanding Increase in Website Traffic

A cost-effective increase in website traffic

A large number of new and interesting recipes has been added to Perutnina Ptuj’s redesigned website – a total of over 400 recipes in the languages of five markets (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Northern Macedonia). The goal was to increase the website traffic in a cost-effective way using updated recipes.

An advertising campaign that solves users’ problems

To achieve this goal, Innovatif prepared an advertising campaign concept that was based on the insight that users often have no idea what to cook. They don’t know what to prepare, they lack time during weekdays, and on Sundays or special occasions they lack inspiration to prepare more complex and interesting dishes. Users were enticed with targeted content that offered ideas on what and how to cook at a certain moment, as well as with advertisements that used various season-appropriate recipe categories. Carefully selected recipes were used to offer users a solution to a specific problem (lack of time, a party coming up etc.) or some inspiration (St. Martin’s Day, kids’ meals etc.).


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The results: exceeded expectations

We launched a campaign to target users and achieved 1.3 million views of Perutnina Ptuj’s recipes over a period of just under a year.

During the digital promotion period, website traffic increased by 39% and the cost-effectiveness target was exceeded by 24%.


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    A cost-effective website traffic increase

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    The use of new or updated recipes on the website


  • 39%

    increase in website traffic during the digital promotion period

  • 24%

    the cost-effectiveness target of digital promotion exceeded

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