Digital Ljubljana for a higher quality of locals' life

Ljubljana is a pleasant and green capital with a high quality of life. As a modern and progress-oriented city, it received its first Digital Development Strategy in 2023. Innovatif helped make sure that the strategy is presented to the general public in a clear and structured way. We have designed a website that allows all users to access the strategy content and individual projects, and keep track of how they are put into practice.


Mestna občina Ljubljana


Graphic and web design



Public sector

Strategic and Digital

Ljubljana’s digital development strategy, developed by the City of Ljubljana, includes five main strategic goals. Each of them is further divided into specific goals that cover different topics. The complex strategy is presented to the people of Ljubljana and others on an online platform, where the goals and measures used to achieve these goals are clearly defined. Each measure and project has its own “traffic lights” that show the current stage of the project.

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