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00 TSJ desktop is the largest and oldest online youth counselling service in Slovenia. Over more than twenty years of its operation, it has received several awards and has been recognised as a best practice example both in Slovenia and elsewhere. Innovatif has been taking care of the visibility of the To sem jaz programme since its very beginnings, which includes the development and design of its visual identity, website, as well as printed and promotional materials for both young people and professionals. The last comprehensive website redesign was done with the aim of the website continuing to carry out its mission as well as before, to make the online counselling service even more user-friendly through modern tools and to remain relevant for the future generations of young people.


Nacionalni inštitut za javno zdravje


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01 TSJ desktop

The largest online counselling service

Under the auspices of the Republic of Slovenia's National Institute of Public Health, the online counselling service operates on a completely voluntary basis. More than sixty experts from various fields provide free answers to questions about the growing up-related dilemmas and hardships. In early 2022, during the COVID-epidemic, which made young people's distress and problems even severer, we redesigned the website with the aim of improving the user experience for young users, web editors and youth counsellors alike.

02 TSJ desktop

A new content structure

The primary function of the website is an online counselling service that is updated content- and technology-wise, allowing young people to access professional advice quickly and anonymously. However, another important source of informative content on the website are various articles. For the first time, the website now combines counselling services with other kinds of informative and support content on a single platform, which has enabled a new web page editing system. In terms of its content, the website is completely adapted to the interaction with users, which is clear from the navigation structure to start with.

03 TSJ desktop

A secure and anonymous space for young people

Since security and anonymity are extremely important to users, the thing that remains crucial is for the website to provide them with a high level of operational security and personal data protection. A system for sending signup-based e-mails with information that might be of interest to users has also been set up. The website is adapted for use on various devices and is also suitable for users with special needs.

04 TSJ desktop

User-friendly ways to the right kind of advice

Other website features now available to users are various new tools relevant to the target group and suitable for addressing users' issues, including a tool that allows a live chat with an expert and a short questionnaire, based on which users can quickly get to the right kind of content and form of advice. Another important new feature is the fact that the keywords related to urgent topics are now specifically marked in the content editing system. This allows website visitors that are in urgent need of help to get an emergency contact immediately.

05a TSJ desktop
05b TSJ desktop

A Visually Appealing Website Creates a Pleasant Environment

The colourful and dynamic website imagery hides a story. Forms change, passing into one another, much like the emotions of youths. Apart from visually appealing animations and gifs, which youths can watch while browsing the website, the importance of graphic elements has been further highlighted with a video animation, by means of which we wanted to make youths aware of the existence of an online counselling centre through other communication channels.

06 TSJ desktop

This is Bojan!

This is how Bojan was born – a playful and friendly character who is featured in a 1-minute animated video story and successfully overcomes the emotional obstacles and hardships life throws at him. As part of the website’s visual design, Bojan was placed in the video game world – a world that is very close to the target group and one that youths have no problems identifying with. Through the ups and downs that life throws at Bojan, he tells his peers that emotions come and go, and that in order to make their dreams come true and achieve their goals, they need to accept and understand these emotions. But if the hardships become unbearable, they shouldn’t wait, they should go ahead and ask for help. He’ll be there whenever they need him.

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