An Exhibition about Olms

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A One-of-a-Kind Miracle

In 2016, the Postojna Cave Park boasted another global phenomenon, becoming the proud guardian of a family of baby olms, also known as the baby dragons, whose one-of-a-kind appearance and extraordinary super powers had been stirring people’s imagination for centuries on end. A secret that had been hidden somewhere deep in the underground world was uncovered for everyone to see. This was something that world-renowned biologists had been waiting for and speculating about for centuries before it finally happened.

While one of Postojna Cave’s female olms became a mother for the second time in November 2022, we worked with the Postojna Cave Park, our long-term partner, on an exhibition that reveals the secrets of olms’ reproduction and life. The exhibition titled The Birth of Baby Dragons is on view in front of the main entrance to Postojna Cave. You can have a look at the digital version of the exhibition here.


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A walk through the life cycle of Proteus

We decided to present the exhibition content as a continuous cycle. The exhibition is set up in the form of an ellipse and can be read in both directions, thus symbolising infinity. On one side, the cycle starts with a small miracle, i.e. an olm egg, and then the visitors learn all about the egg’s development until the big day – the birth of an olm. From this moment on, the baby olm is growing up, slowly becoming an underground superhero, which can live up to 100 years as an endemic of the subterranean Dinaric-Karst world despite its degenerated eyes and transparent skin.

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Documentary photography is the core of the story

The featured photos were taken by some of the most distinguished, world-renowned documentary photographers, whose one-of-a-kind shots reveal the supernatural and unique nature of the process that takes place inside the cave. The story that accompanies the photos is written in an easily understandable way, providing just the right kind of information. The illustration-based timeline under the photos shows the olms’ reproduction cycle – from an olm egg to an adult animal. Through the eyes of a biologist, visitors are introduced to the miraculous process that has made Slovenia a start in the world of speleobiology.


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