Diggit’s New Visual Identity Created with the Future in Mind

Diggit started as a digital communications conference, however, with technological advancements, it became a future-minded event, defined by digital trends. For the 2023 Diggit conference, Innovatif created a story and a fresh and bold visual identity that communicates adaptability to future innovations. In 2024, we continued the story of coexistence with all things digital, building on it with even more striking creative visuals that feature black and white photography and eye-catching magenta accents.  


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INN Web DIGGIT 11 3840x1920 02 v3

Coexistence with All Things Digital

The central theme of the event is making sure the conference participants learn about the inevitability of the coexistence of all things physical and digital through their own experience. Humans need to constantly adapt to the digital changes that have become part of our everyday lives. For this reason, the Diggit conference’s creative communication concept foregrounds humans in black and white portraits paired with colour interventions across human faces, which in a symbolic way suggests the inevitable and necessary coexistence with the digital.

INN Web DIGGIT 11 1920x1920 OGLAS 01 v2
INN Web DIGGIT 11 1920x1920 OGLAS 02 v2
INN Web DIGGIT 10 1920x1920 03
INN Web DIGGIT 10 1920x1920 04

Awards for Visionaries

The distinctive visual identity was a prominent feature not only of advertising, but also of the event itself. For the award winners, Innovatif designed busts with VR headsets, which wowed the winners and other participants. They were made using 3D printing, which formed the basis for the bust casts. The participants competed for busts in black or gold, which were awarded to the grand and gold winners.

INN Web DIGGIT 10 1920x1920 01

The motif of a man with VR glasses is also transferred to the statuettes, which will shine in the coming years from the showcases of the most creative and innovative Diggit awardees. 

INN Web DIGGIT 10 1920x1920 02

The statuettes are designed as busts, made with the help of 3D printing, which was the basis for the castings. They are made in black and gold - for big and gold winners.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Innovatif marked the Diggit 2023 conference with its wealth of knowledge and experience in a number of ways. Two members of our team – Tea Gobec and Špela Anzeljc Gačnik – participated as conference speakers. As part of their lecture titled “AI (Artificial Intelligence) vs. EI (Emotional Intelligence): Can Artificial Intelligence Read Between the Lines?”, they showed how successful AI is when it comes to the challenging field of adolescent counselling, which is provided by the experts that are part of the online counselling service Tosemjaz.net.

Innovatif also designed and executed the Diggit 2023 closing event, making sure ideas on how to coexist with the digital world as effectively as possible were exchanged in a relaxed atmosphere.

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