Support for the Company Presentation on the German Market

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The company Fibran presented itself at the international trade fair BAU 2023 in order to showcase its brand, products and solutions in the German market. In addition to designing and executing Fibran’s trade fair booth and other communication materials, Innovatif supported the company’s presence at the fair with a well-thought-out advertising campaign on various digital platforms.

An Optimised Campaign Based on Past Experience 

The campaign was based on the insights gained from the campaign that was launched when Fibran opened a new factory in the Czech Republic. Based on the experience gained, we were able to optimise the campaign and further improve the results, both in terms of the selection of target groups and the media. The campaign goal was to inform potential business (B2B) and individual (B2C) customers on the German market about FIBRAN’s BAU 2023 appearance, while also promoting their products and solutions. We prepared two types of ad creatives that allowed us to cover both of the aforementioned messages and target users with the most user-relevant content.




Media buy


Communication campaign




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Successful Promotion on the German Market

The brand promotion on the German market was done by means of well-thought-out ads on Meta Platforms (Instagram and Facebook), LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Network and Google Search. The campaign proved extremely successful – during its duration, we recorded 81% more ad impressions, 17% more video content views, and 4x more ad clicks than the target.


  • icon promotion

    Promotion of FIBRAN's BAU trade fair presence

  • icon product

    Promotion of FIBRAN’s products and solutions


  • 81%

    more ad impressions than the target

  • 17%

    more video content views than the target

  • 4x

    more ad clicks than the target

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