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The Green Group is an initiative of six countries, united through strong international environmental engagement. The Green Group’s mission is to promote green policies, the green economy transition and the use of renewable energy. For this group with a noble mission, Innovatif created a distinctive visual identity and designed a website dedicated to making expert environmental content widely accessible.


Ministrstvo za zunanje in evropske zadeve



Graphic and web design


Public sector

Six Countries, One Mission

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs commissioned Innovatif to use its expertise for an interesting and important project. We looked into the workings of the Green Group, which includes Slovenia, as well as Singapore, Iceland, Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates and Cape Verde as the project partners. By designing a new visual identity and website, we have given their efforts to protect and promote a clean environment and water greater visibility and accessibility.

Shades of Green

The Green Group’s visual identity is designed to symbolically represent the six members of the group with six identical elements. All the six elements are in shades of green to emphasise the group’s mission focused on bringing environmental issues to the forefront. The six elements also form the two letters E, which are incorporated into the Green Group name. The result is an easily recognisable and visually clean Green Group logo that can be used on its own or in combination with the group members’ names.

Group and Project Presentation

The website adheres to the Green Group’s visual identity and presents the group and its members in a clear and user-friendly way. Two main projects are highlighted in particular: Knowledge Hub on Water Solutions, and the Climate Adaptation Accelerator. The website features a wide range of project information and expert videos that present the group’s work and the countries’ efforts to promote green policy and environmental protection to the interested general public.

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