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The new Terme Krka website presents the stories of four different destinations and has two primary functions – it is a sales channel and a digital communication hub. The concept is based on making it easier for users to reach everything the destinations have to offer through three different search scenarios – depending on their interests, destination or wish to make an immediate booking. With a focus on raising awareness of the importance of building a relationship with users and the brand, the sales-related content is paired with all sorts of other interesting information. A user-friendly experience provides users with a quick access to information and the option for a hassle-free purchase. 


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Terme Krka posnetek vstopne strani na računalniškem ekranu
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Sales content paired with useful information

The primary users of Terme Krka's website are those interested in the following five experiences and services: wellness holidays, active holidays, family holidays, weight loss and detox programmes, as well as health care seekers. We provided all the target groups with a user-friendly experience in the sales-related part of the website, as well as a strong content platform that offers all sort of interesting information.

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