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Here’s our first Inntrospektiva magazine issue. We worked on it during a year when the world seemingly came to a stop, while changing more quickly than ever before. We are calling it the first issue because there are many more stories and partners we would like to share our thoughts with. It will arrive in your mailbox soon. This time, however, we invite you to read the first stories from the magazine in digital form. You can find them at the bottom of the page.

Who knows, you might get inspired to create your own story, one that has yet to be written.

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  • Marketinske odlicnosti nikoli ne zgradis sam

    You can't achieve business excellence on your own

    You won't find many Slovenians who don’t remember their first train ride around Postojna Cave. Now, imagine becoming a manager of this subterranean marvel like Katja and Marjan Batagelj did 10 years ago. Although they work on their visions together, they rarely do joint interviews. That's why we were all the more pleased about this one. They shared their recipe for success, and why it’s important to never really stop.

  • Kako spletna mesta drzavne uprave urediti v eno pregledno spletno mesto

    How were multiple state administration sites combined into a single, easy-to-navigate website?

    The portal is considered one of the most extensive projects in the history of the Slovenian national administration website. However, after speaking with Tina Kuliš, Project Manager, even this big challenge seems perfectly feasible. She surrounded herself with the right people and used her immense optimism to convince them that nothing is impossible if you know what your goals are and believe in what you do.

  • Trdno verjamem v moc nase ekipe

    I firmly believe in the strength of our team

    Being innovative is in the foreground of everything we do; this has been our motto for 17 years. Jože Šulman, Managing Director and Partner at Innovatif, remembers how everything began and how the company changed alongside the digital sphere. He is proud of the more than decade-long partnerships with clients and the carefully selected and curious team that is always on the lookout for innovations.

  • Skupaj lahko teces na dolge proge le ce si zaupas

    You can only run long-distance together if there's trust

    Innovatif has been taking care of the comprehensive digital experience of NIVEA, NIVEA MEN, and Labello brand users in Slovenia since 2013, and in Croatia since 2015. This long-term cooperation was discussed in a conversation between Jasna Potrata, Account Manager at Innovatif, and Nataša Lujanac, CU Adriatic Digital Manager at Beiersdorf.

  • Digitalizacija je potovanje brez konca

    Digitalisation is an endless journey

    Tomasz Pirc, User Experience (UX) specialist and partner at Innovatif, explains when it is sensible to digitalise a process and where to start. Together, we discussed why it is so difficult to predict trends in a digital world, we searched for a comparison in the fashion world, and contemplated how important it is to build collaborations based on trust.

  • Nismo za hitre zmenke

    Speed dating is not for us

    Together with Gorazd Oman, Account Director and partner at Innovatif, we contemplated how we sailed the often wild sea and how this journey has shaped us. He says that in order to dock safely, it is most important who you travel with and how to assemble a crew that is prepared for anything; particularly when you are sailing long distances.

  • Vec se naucis ce si dovolis ne uspeti

    You learn more if you allow yourself to fail

    In our fast-changing world, the winners of the evolutionary struggle will be determined by the level of responsiveness and ability to adapt to change. We talked to Klemen Geršak, Digital Marketing Executive at Lesnina XXXL, about the ways to build a culture of flexibility and recognising future customer experience trends. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable person to talk to, one that believes in the importance of agile learning, lives his philosophy, and is not afraid to try new things. But only if he has something to learn from it.

  • Grajske dame s srcem musketirjev

    These ‘ladies of the castle’ have the hearts of musketeers

    Despite its walls, the Ljubljana Castle is a welcoming attraction, offering a variety of cultural, historical, and culinary experiences. Life at the castle is created by a fine-tuned team headed by the Director of the Ljubljana Castle Public Institute, Mateja Avbelj Valentan. Simona Kokalj is in charge of marketing and Janja Rozman crafts its PR. That's why we couldn't have imagined doing this interview with anyone else but with these three strong and important ladies over a cup of coffee.

  • Ali se zavedamo pomena znamke delodajalca

    Are we aware of the importance of our Employer’s Brand?

    The world of recruitment is complex. Employers look for top professionals, dedicated specialists, and responsible employees. Job seekers want an understanding boss, a stimulating work environment, and good pay. Saša Boštjančič, a woman with a wealth of experience and a knack for working with people, knows a lot about bringing together employers and job seekers. For the past 10 years, she has been putting her love of staffing into practice as the founder and director of the job search website, which was previously known as

  • Skrivnosti kocevskega gozda

    The secrets of the Kočevsko forest

    To put it bluntly, Slovenia is full of outstanding natural features and beauties. On account of its remoteness and being known mostly for its bears, the Kočevsko area was not considered as one of these, and unrightfully so. In 2016, the Kočevje Public Institute for Tourism and Culture started presenting the extraordinary natural beauties of the unspoilt Kočevsko region to the world, putting the region on the map as an exciting tourist destination. The person most familiar with this successful story is Vesna Malnar Memedovič, the caretaker of the Secret Forest of Slovenia and the institute's Director.

  • Potovanj se moramo znati veseliti

    Genuine excitement about travelling

    When Petra Stušek, MSc fixes her piercing gaze on you, you know that even though there's a twinkle in her eyes, she means everything she says. She challenges you to think at least three steps ahead. It's crystal clear why the Ljubljana Tourism destination management organisation has been achieving such impressive results with her at the helm for the second consecutive term. Talking to her inspires you to go the extra mile.