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The content platform, which came to life as part of the Adria OnAir brand, was created to inspire travellers with various trip ideas and keep them entertained during the flight. All sorts of travel tips and stories from destinations around the world were presented through three communication channels. The newly-designed print version of the Adria OnAir magazine provided in-flight entertainment and also served as the company's source of revenue by selling advertising space. The aim of the online magazine version was to reach potential customers online and proved to be an important support channel for sales activities. The Air-Fi wireless communication technology allowed the passengers to read the magazine on their mobile phones and tablets during the flight.


Adria Airways


Brand creation

Graphic and web design






Adria OnAir nalepka logotipa
Adria OnAir revija
Ženska v letalu Adria s tablico v roki
Slogan Enjoy your life
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