RUJZ - Design of a New Product Catalogue


Rujzdesign is a partner with whom Innovatif has been working and growing for more than 15 years. The company s a producer of high-quality decorative furniture hardware characterised by a sophisticated look and finishes. During the time of our common journey, we have built and refreshed several websites together. In 2022, we redesigned the company’s product catalogue in accordance with the latest design and content trends.


Rujz design


Graphic and web design




Product aesthetics dictates design aesthetics

Compared to the 2019 product catalogue, the new catalogue presents the products and their characteristics in an even clearer and more organised way. The content has been refreshed and pared down to the essentials. Chapters and sub-chapters follow in a new, more optimised order. Another change is visible in the design and concept of the introductory contents page, which directs website visitors to the products they are looking for as quickly as possible. In line with the latest interior design trends, the colour scheme is brighter and more modern. The focus is on earthy and neutral tones, which are visible throughout the catalogue – both in the new introductory pages of individual chapters and in the header that appears on each page. The catalogue also features new typography and a more modern cover page.


Eye-catching design details

Outstanding design and quality. That’s how the RUJZ products can be described in a few short words and the catalogue was designed in line with this as well. The product catalogue is the customers’ first contact with RUJZ products and influences the final purchase decision. This makes it all the more important for the catalogue to reflect the same values and qualities as the product itself. One of the main changes that reflects the functionality and one-of-a-kind features, but also saves valuable time is the optimised product search. With this in mind, recognisable icons that show the purpose of individual products have been placed on the edge of each page. Another noticeable feature are the side cut-outs that allow the user to open the catalogue in a selected chapter with a single finger. Small things for big changes and faster decisions.


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