We're all a bit crazy. Crazy about Poli!

No. 1 special chicken sausage

They say after a while, people grow weary with each other. They say new wind must be let in once in a while and spice things up with somebody new. They say that the best ideas are born out of excitement when you're trying to get a new deal and out of fear when you feel you could lose an existing one. Well, let them say what they want.

We say otherwise: the best ideas are born constantly; out of a long-term partnerhip; out of mutual trust; out of working for the same goals. And we're not just saying this. We have evidence of our claims. A lot of evidence. One of the best pieces being our 15-year collaboration with Perutnina Ptuj and their Poli brand.

In 2000, we had made a promise to Perutnina Ptuj to keep Poli the no. 1 special chicken sausage in Slovenia. Poli outgrew its brown wrapping. It began using a language everybody understands – the language of humour. It became bold, exciting and informed. In a few months from the beginning of the cult classic campaign POLIcaj, POLItik in POLIgamist (The POLIceman, the POLItician and the POLYgamist), Poli sales increased by 15%.

In 2001, investments in advertising decreased. This was reflected by a deceleration of growth.

Ambitious goals

To wake up the sales trends, we set ourselves ambitious goals for 2003: to achieve a 5.5 percent increase of sales in 6 months and increase our market share to 36%. Our sales ambitions were bolstered by communications-related goals, with which we set out to increase the loyalty of Slovenian consumers and reinforce the brand loyalty of Poli and its recognition among the younger population (15 to 30).

The ad campaign became even crazier, with people jumping out of airplanes for Poli.

With a word play, the commercial break of various TV programmes in 2002 became, not "half-time" ("polčas"), but "Poli-time" ("Poličas"), i.e. time for a Poli sandwich.

To celebrate Perutnina Ptuj's 100th birthday, we though of a nation-wide Poli cooking contest. We asked Poli fans to reveal to us their recipes that use Poli, and then used the 100 best recipes to make a cookbook.


Following the polinary trip among the pots and pans, Poli in earnest took to the world and travelled to POLInesia. A land of dreams where Poli grows on palm trees. One of the first integrated ad campaigns in Slovenia in 2006, it tied television and other offline channels to an on-line competition. Users were asked to count the number of times the word Poli appeared in the ad. And the prize? A trip for two to honest-to-god Polinesia.


Poli slices

In 2007, we came up with a perfect solution for all the Poli-crazy people who want Poli to just fall into their sandwiches on its own – Poli slices. The 12 conveniently packed slices for a quick snack were sent off to the market accompanied by a humorous campaign.


Fakes had started appearing on the markets of former Yugoslavia, eating into Poli's market share. We responded with a market communications campaign called Poli original. The fact is that there's only one Poli. If you buy copies, expect them to taste like copies.

We have employed an elephant!

One fine day in 2009, Poli crossed the road ... and turned into Poli Paté. For all those who love Poli and would like to spread it on their bread. The development of a new product spurs selection and development of new communications channels. The internet is becoming Poli's primary means of communication. And Poli itself is becoming increasingly ambitious, creative and bold. Now also with inventive new packaging.


We're building Poli Tower

On April 1, 2009, we notified the media that the 35th anniversary of Poli production will see the beginning of construction of a 135 m tower in Ptujsko polje. The Poli Tower, designed by acclaimed Dutch architect Koon van Leeuwen, was to feature the highest observation platform, museum and restaurant in Slovenia. And it was all true. Except for the tower.


In 2010, markets saw the arrival of Poli Snack, a snack with Poli sausage and a bun or breadsticks. A practical solution for new times and new generations. So as to eliminate any potential problems, we provided our customers with advice on how to eat the new Poli in two TV ads. One for the amateurs and one for the professionals.

Where there are young people, there's Poli – on-line

With new products came new communications requirements. Modern consumers are intelligent, fun, full of energy and dynamism. In order to capture their attention, 2010 saw us revise the foundations of our brand and upgrade the tone of our communications. We shifted our focus even more to the web, where young Poli fans spend most of their time. We used crazy and unconventional activities to engage web users, to entertain them and stay in contact.


Despite spending a lot of time on the internet, Poli still finds time to hang out with the fans and customers in person. And not just in person, but on a bicycle. 2003 was the first time when we spun the pedals in the Poli Marathon in Ptuj – Poli's birthplace. From 1000 participants in the first marathon, the number has now grown to 5000. The Poli marathon has thus become the biggest recreational cycling event in Slovenia.

In 2013, ATL's communications returned to their roots: Poli. And because nobody likes bad news, but least of all Poli, the new ad campaign's message was that Poli not only improves your sandwich, but rather makes everything better.

Poli's big 40th anniversary

In March 2014, the shocking news that Poli is moving to China started off the great celebration of Poli's big anniversary. On every Tuesday since then and in every market where it's present, Poli continues to amaze with competitions, exclusive offers and top advice. And of course with a great deal of humour and excitement that have become its trademark.  Pay us a visit at our renovated website www.poli.si where crazy things happen all the time.